Thursday, April 19, 2007

NISI MASA Macedonia

NISI MASA was founded six years ago, in 2001, for it today to be a growing European network of associations, counting 19 countries as its members. The national associations in these countries consist of young professionals, students and enthusiasts with a common cause – the European cinema.

NISI MASA’s main aims are:
- to discover new film talents
- to foster European awareness through cinema
- to develop cross-cultural cinema projects
- to create a platform of discussion and collaboration for young European filmmakers

NISI MASA Macedonia is in its second year of membership in NISI MASA. During last year, we were under the umbrella of a NGO called POGON, but as of this year, we’re just going by NISI MASA Macedonia, hoping really, really soon to be registered as an official NGO ourselves. Our goals and aims are same as the one of the NISI MASA associations all over Europe, and we’re hoping to work a lot more on reaching them this coming year.

If you would like to get in touch with the 
NISI MASA Macedonia team, or join the NISI MASA Macedonia team as well, please write to:,                  or 

NISI MASA Macedonia
ul. Prolet br. 12/6
1000, Skopje

We'd be looking forward to your e-mails, comments and questions.

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